T-TEC 6RF-1C Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

T-TEC 6RF-1C Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

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Model T-TEC 6RF-1C has internal thermistor sensor for temperature and fixed external capacitive sensor for humidity. Available with internal or external antenna. White UV treated casing is splash proof from top.To operate the logger/s you will need the gateway and the software. The T-TEC 6RF-1C is remotely operated from the PC . You can leave it in it's place, for instance in a refrigerator or cool room and communicate with it via the gateway. The logger can be programmed to automatically send temperature updates to the PC screen and download the whole file to the database in your own computer. New readings will keep adding to the file in the database, until you stop the logging and start a new file. You can always zoom in on any particular time of special interest, print the graph or export to spreadsheet programs. Gateway options include:


Model Number T-TEC 6RF-1C
Brand Name T-TEC
Color White
Place of Origin Australia
Usage Temperature & humidity logging
Theory Refrigerator and cool room monitoring
Resolution 0.1
Accuracy 0.2
Casing: Polycarbonate, Splashproof
Size: 65 x 31 x 106mm Weight: 115g
Ambient -40 +85̊C
Battery: ½AA, 3.6V
Temperature Sensor: Thermistor precision
Humidity sensor Capacitive precision
Memory 50,000 each channel
Interface: Gateway, 433MHz
Range Internal antenna 100m, ext. 350m free air
Security ID: Permanent serial no
Warranty: 1 Year not incl. Sensors
Accuracy: Time: Synchronisation up to ± 1 Sec.
Accuracy Temperature: -40 +0̊C ±0.3̊ 0+70C 0.2C, +70+85C 0.3C
Accuracy Humidity: 10 - 90% ±2%
Security: Signal encryption, Access control

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Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)
Port Adelaide, South Australia
Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Time 1-2 Weeks
Packaging Details Box with instructions. Works with T-TEC Software & Gateway