Dymap Data Logger Software

Dymap Data Logger Software

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Watch how the temperature changes?
DyMap shows the changes of temperature (or other physical quantity), across an area and over time, in a colour map movie form (Dynamic mapping).

What is DyMap?
The T-TEC DyMap program can combine measurements from a number of carefully placed dataloggers, to create a movie of temperatures. Data from iButton Thermochron temperature dataloggers, T-TEC data loggers or other loggers where the files are compatible may be used.

How does it work?
T-TEC or Thermochron data loggers are placed in a network, in rows and columns and layers, with their positions coded in the comments field of the logger file, for example, as 'R1C2L1'. Once the T-TEC data loggers are read by the T-TEC software, the files are stored on the computer. DyMap can combine the measurements from all the dataloggers and show them as a form of movie. The readings may be from a store room, cool room, greenhouse, church, freezer, refrigerator, anywhere the temperature control is important. The movie is seen as though the viewer were overlooking the area for the duration. In 3 dimensional views the user can choose to see rows, columns or layers individually.

Can the movie be sent to others who do not have DyMap?
The DyMap program can create reports in a 'read only' format so the results can be presented easily in a very professional CD presentation. Such a report from the above example can be downloaded here in a .zip format, along with the manual, help file and full explanation of the 'Read Only' program.